Gregory Lewis

Business Advisor

“Successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to ask for help. They realize that no matter how intelligent and determined they are there will be gaps in their knowledge and abilities which need to be filled. I’m honored and thrilled to help meet these needs and help Connecticut businesses thrive.”

Gregory Lewis is a Detroit native and graduate of Harvard University who, immediately upon graduation, journeyed across America. Since then he’s traveled and lived in many states, while accumulating extensive experience in sales, commercial real estate, operating his own computer-related companies, and owning and managing university and non-profit training programs in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Texas, and Connecticut.

Through the years Gregory has come to believe that turning to a trusted advisor—and discovering the right information—puts people in a position to be sustainable?and successful. Entrepreneurs, he would explain, are inherently dreamers.

He received his Bachelor of Arts (BA), Psychology and Social Relations, at Harvard University.

Greg finds it rewarding to partner with such visionaries and provide the guidance, resources, and checks and balances they need to transform their ideas into financially secure reality.

Greg serves on the board of a local economic development organization and his town’s Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Agency. He also enjoys playing tennis, noodling on the piano and writing fiction.

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